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1971 Ford Falcon 500 XY - Paul Lynch

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Year: 1971
Make: Ford Falcon 500
Model: XY
Style: Sedan
Rego: PTL 351
I bought the XY off a "mate" in Victoria. I then drove it all the way back to Brisbane with no problems. It was meant to be a 351 Cleveland (hence the plates) but turned out to be a 302... Gearbox is a column shift C10 (C4 with larger input) and is a 3:1 ratio LSD 9". She's low and slow!

I've had it for 3 years now with few problems and have driven it interstate a couple of times now. I want to change the diff ratio to a 3.5:1 and change the rear springs while I'm at it. Later on maybe a stroker crank???

It's not a GS but the stripes make it look less like a fridge. I might even put a GS dash in it one day when I get bored?

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