Early Falcon Car Club of Queensland

1965 Falcon XP - Nathan Johnston

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Year: 1965
Make: Falcon
Model: XP
Style: Coupe
Rego: XP 0000
This car originally got me into early Falcon's. Unfortunately, we don't have this car anymore - we sold it when we left Tasmania. But this car belonged to my father, bought for $800 in 1986. It had mag wheels, four-on-the-floor gear box and had been hotted up. Dad restored it to original condition over a number of years.

The four-on-the-floor was replaced with the standard "three-on-the-tree" manual gear box (out of my '65 four-door when we put the 4-speed Toyota gearbox in it). The Mag wheels also went to my four-door and the original Falcon steel wheels and caps went back on. This was a great car to drive, but when we left Tasmania and moved to Western Australia we lived right next to the Ocean and the car was too good to rust in the salt air so we sold it. I wish now we'd just garaged it - but hindsight is always 20-20!

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