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CMATS - Car Meets At Town Square -Redbank Plains

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Submitted by Mr Al Sweeney
(Public Event)

CMATS - Car Meets At Town Square
Town Square Redbank Plains

Brisbane Car Meets and Cruising have teamed up with Town Square Redbank Plains shopping centre and are proud to give you the most talked about event in QLD - CMATS - Car Meets At Town Square, So spread the word.

CMATS is a FREE car event/meet with all the restaurants on board, they are doing us special menus and deals on the last Saturday of the every month for our car meets, The previous ones have been huge turnouts, it starts at 6:00pm (but cars start bumping in at 5:00pm) and it goes to around 9:00pm in the sectioned off carpark for the event between Coles and Hungry Jacks and when full we also have the under cover carpark under Coles, and when that fills up we will filling up the downstairs undercover area under coles up to the escalators.

This event/meet is for all types of cars and bikes, New and Old, for everyone to come along and attend, for people from Brisbane to Ipswich, GoldCoast to Sunshine Coast, to take a enjoyable cruise out to a great location to see awesome cars and meet great people and grab a feed on site from one of the many awesome restaurants on hand or even some KFC or Hungry Jacks.
Muscle, Sports, Classic, Sleepers, Hotrod to Drift, New or Old, Custom or Stock, Mild to Wild, Just bring down what you have got,

*All cars on club rego cars wishing to attend, please quote this driving permit number if you get stopped - TC 179-02-2018 - there is plenty of spectator parking upstairs and underneath also toilets on hand, so why not just come for a look if not to display,

There will be car magazines and other photographers are also present at the meets throughout different times, as well as awesome big things are going to take place at different events throughout the year. There will also be Car related trade stands on display for you to come look at and talk too like Boosted industries, Unique Skin Coatings for all hydrodipping & painting work, TKO Bollards to protect your pride and joys from being stolen, MOTHERS Car care products and more. This is open to every type make and models of cars.

"No it's not a Holden or Ford meet it is for everything to come and chill, look at other nice cars, catch up with fellow car/bike enthusiasts, get idea's, make connections and grab a awesome great priced feed. This free car meet every month will get even bigger and better with car, bike and racing celebrities constantly dropping by to our meets and also Magazines to check them out.

There are security camera's around the premises and is security guards on duty for the car owners and public saftey.
Please can all cars only take up one car space for every car, not 2spaces for 1car and only park in the disabled parking spots if you have a permit on display in your window thanking you.
Please enter and leave the shopping centre car park in a normal manner, and maximum of 10klm in the carpark, and any stupid behaviour will be forwarded on to the Police by centre management (same with doing skids when leaving).
Any excessive revving or dangerous activity as YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE, and IF ASKED to leave TWICE you will be BANNED from CMATS.
Brisbane Car Meets and Cruising and Redbank Plains Town Square Shopping center does have staff wondering around but can't be everywhere at once, so if you see anyone being stupid or doing something not right, please pull them up as we want this event to keep going for a long time.
Please use bins provided around carpark for your rubbish as we are car enthusiasts not grubs and we want to keep using this venue.
This CMATS car meet at the town square is a family friendly event and is a alcohol free event, yes you can drink at a number of licensed places at CMATS. (anyone seen or caught drinking will be asked to leave the event).
Any car related Businesses that would like to set up a stand, please send a message to Brisbane Car Meets and Cruising through their Facebook page with a copy of your public liability cover or call number on page thanking you.

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