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1974 Ford Falcon XB - Chris Miller

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Year: 1974
Make: Ford Falcon
Model: XB
Style: Sedan
Rego: building
this is my project car. the car is a standard Mulberry Parchment combo, factory 6 column auto. I have a heavily worked 351+C4+9" combo to go in. My mate is a motec specialist, so it will get EFI. I have just recieved a paint quote and she looks like going into to be painted in April next year. in the meantime, a full strip down is in order to get her ready for a shiny new dress.

This will be my toy. She will be built for mainly cruising, but the odd run to Willowbank will be on the cards.

**28/11/10** This weekend the strip down began. She is now a shell. It will delivered to the painter in the next month once a current job is moved on. I'm on my way to having the XB I have always wanted. Cheers to my mates, Vic, Dave, Iain and my cousin Kevin for all their help. Cheers boys.

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