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1960 Falcon Deluxe XK - Mr Al Sweeney

Now to get all the pretty lights to working, the wiring was in good nick so I cleaned every connector with a chain saw file and 600 grit to eliminate resistance. Everything worked except the wipers and horn. Wipers are vacuum powered and my horns have gone missing in a box some were. I am sure the carpet snake swallowed them.

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Year: 1960
Make: Falcon Deluxe
Model: XK
Style: Other
Rego: S.22195
This is one of those projects that followed me home 9 years ago and for some reason it is still there. I found her in a very sorry state dumped outside my local wreckers and I felt sorry for her and brought her home. I hide it the corner of my shed till I had time. In the mean time I have moved four times and she is still with me. Since it her 50th birthday this year we thought we would give her a fresh coat of paint and some seats and crank up the old girl.

I will update the progress via the web site, please email me if you have any hints or pearls of wisdom that can help us on the way.

Kind regards,

Al Sweeney

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